Receive one-on-one assistance with your investment through the recommendation of an advisor

The Advisor Direct® referral program introduces you to an independently Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). They will collaborate with you to create custom investment strategies based on your objectives if you engage with them. These might include the management of your Portfolio, retirement planning, estate, trust, and tax planning.

How Advisor Direct functions?

  • A USB financial consultant can help you find an independent RIA close to you and set up a face-to-face meeting.
  • The consultation is free to get at ease with their approach and talk about your financial goals.
  • If you’re a good match, they’ll collaborate with you to develop an effective management plan for your Portfolio, highlighting the most effective strategies to achieve your goals and the extent to which you’ll participate in the process of making decisions.

Flexible support, personalized service

An independent RIA is responsible for analyzing your needs about wealth and making plans for the future, and providing an objective opinion in line with your goals.

Whether you choose to go with a hands-on or hands-off approach, your RIA must provide the right level of assistance you require to build an investment portfolio and keep it in order.

Your best interest in mind

Obligation to be a fiduciary

The RIA has a fiduciary and legal obligation to perform its duties in your best interests.

Qualification process

Each independent RIA participant in AdvisorDirect has met our eligibility requirements. AdvisorDirect program has fulfilled our strict eligibility criteria.

Straightforward pricing

With a simple fee structure, RIAs generally charge you a proportion of the assets you manage, and it’s ideal for them to ensure that their recommendations align with your objectives and requirements.