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We created selective Portfolios to help you achieve your specific objectives using modern technology and professional knowledge. From day one, you will access a team of Selective Portfolios specialists available to assist you along the journey. S.B. Capital Investment Management, LLC, provides selective Portfolio, LLC.

To begin to get started, call us toll-free at @13478348283.

The Selective Portfolio's differentiator is the personal touch.

  • Selective Portfolios blend human insights with a more personalized online experience that will aid you in reaching your objectives.
  • Engage a Financial Consultant or yourself to determine your objectives, risk tolerance, and time frame to create an investment plan that is right for you.
  • Profit from portfolios that are goal-oriented and built by relying on the fund recommendations of Morningstar Investment Management’s experts. Morningstar Investment Management.
  • USB Investment Management provides ongoing monitoring and rebalancing services to help keep your portfolio model in the line.
  • If you have losses, you might be able to take advantage of them through tax-loss harvesting.
  • Log in to your account online to monitor your investments, alter your contribution, and quickly modify your timetable.


A wide range of portfolios suitable for all types of investors

Diversification, asset allocation, and rebalancing are all part of an investment strategy built on the foundation of proven economic principles. It is the premise of Selective Portfolios. It’s a more intelligent method of investing referred to as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and influences our approach to selecting investments.

If you’re looking to save for retirement, create more income streams or reduce the risk, a Selective Portfolios model is right for you. Review the performance over the past three-quarters of Selective Portfolios.


Core Portfolios

Diversified portfolios comprised of ETFs or mutual funds. The portfolios cover a wide range of investment styles and industries, as well as market caps and regions.

Supplemental Income Portfolios

It is affirmed to be fixed income, with less exposure to equity markets to manage the volatility. It is ideal for supplementing retirement income or other needs.

Opportunistic Portfolios

A good choice for investors who want an investment strategy with a high degree of tactically capitalizing on opportunities that change market conditions!

Managed Risk Portfolios

It was created to provide moderate and stable returns with lower volatility over time and a limited interest rate or equity market risk.