Fixed-income investments are a great way to meet your income needs.

We offer fixed-income investments that help protect your investment, reduce market volatility, and generate income or both. Find tools, resources, and fixed-income specialists who can help refine and define your strategy.

Learn about the potential benefits of fixed-income investing

Fixed-income investments might be the right choice if you are looking for these benefits in a diversified portfolio.

  • Protect your wealth – While fixed-income prices can fluctuate, you can still rely on receiving the full amount of your investment when it matures. Credit risk is a possibility
  • Diversify your portfolio: diversifying across asset classes can reduce risk exposure and improve your overall portfolio’s resilience.
  • Generate income – Fixed-income investments can provide a steady income that will supplement your income or help you save for retirement.
  • Manage interest rates risk – a ladder with staggered maturities may help you to manage interest rate risks in rising or falling environments. You will also be less exposed to interest rate volatility.

Reasons to choose USB for fixed-income investing

Why you should choose USB to invest in fixed-income investments

We offer tools, research, support, and guidance to take the guesswork out of fixed-income and bond investing.

  • Choose from over 40,000 investment options from more than 100 dealers, over 3,000+ bond mutual funds, and over 400 bonds ETFs2 300+, all of which are free from commission
  • Use ready-made bond ladders or make your own using Bond WizardTM. You can set up bond alerts to keep you informed about new issues and rating changes for municipal and corporate bonds.
  • A Fixed Income Specialist will help you with your investment strategy and fixed-income needs.
  • Enjoy competitive pricing on almost all fixed-income products in the market, including a $1 bond transaction fee for secondary bond trades when you trade through the online platform

Fixed Income Specialists

With the help of TD Ameritrade Fixed income Specialists, you can define your fixed-income strategy. You can build your portfolio with their impartial recommendations and analysis.

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