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Make sure you meet your investment goals and enjoy the speedy and simple access you require to manage your expenses using cash solutions. You can use transactions-based cash to pay for your daily bills and market adjustment or get a better return on your cash while protecting the principal you invested; we have the right solution for your requirements.

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Investment Cash

Transactional Cash


If you're looking for an opportunity to earn a higher rate on your money, you must conserve your principal and keep money readily accessible.

Instant cash available to purchase security, settle bills or withdraw funds

Options available

Non-Proprietary Purchased Money Market Funds (Non-Private Purchased Money Market Funds) Federated JP Morgan - JP Morgan - State Street Additional information.

Uninvested funds in retirement or brokerage accounts: - Insured Savings Account insured by FDIC up to $500,000. - The TD Ameritrade Cash is qualified for SIPC coverage of up to $250k.


0.00 percent -- 0.15 percent of funds available

0.01 Percent Rates for all products


No transaction fees - No short-term redemption fees. The initial investment starts at just $1 SIPC insured funds to settle on the next business day. There is no minimum balance or monthly charges.

Access to ATM access, including cash-back on ATM fees across the country. Unlimited check writing Bill pays online for the free Debit card that supports Apple Pay - Mobile check deposit. Check out all cash services.


Access to funds on the next day, if you sell before 4 p.m. ET

Access to funds immediately to buy securities, pay bills or withdraw funds!