Enjoy & Experience ETF trading in your way.

Get immersed in the entire ETF trading process, no matter if you’re just beginning to learn about ETFs or are a veteran investor. With a wide selection of commission-free ETFs and the tools required to comprehend their capabilities, you’ll identify more lucrative options that align with your objectives. Our ETFs are offered to you by the most trusted and reliable companies in the market.

The best method to trade ETFs

Tools that can be helpful

Utilize the tool to identify ETFs that meet your trading goals on cost, performance, and third-party analyst ratings.

Comprehensive education

Discover videos, articles, webcasts, in-person and online seminars, and more covering a variety of subjects, including ETF fundamentals, to more complex topics such as the risks of leveraging and assessing liquidity.

Research that is objective

You can trade confidently using in-depth information on the past and future performance of the fund, as offered through Morningstar and CFRA.

More opportunities

Access to our wide selection of fee-free ETFs; a wider selection of ETFs means more opportunities to discover the suitable one to meet your needs.

More trading hours

With 24/5 Trading, you can trade securities of your choice on your schedule, all day, 7 days weekly (excluding the market holiday).

No hidden fees

The price is simple and gives you accessibility to our services without account or trade minimums.

Platforms and tools for efficient ETF trading

Objective third-party research is fantastic. However, it can also be very effective when combined with exceptional trading tools such as those we offer on our intuitive investment web platform and the more sophisticated thinkorswim platforms.

Whatever level of investor or trader you are, you’ll be able to find the tools and platforms that will best meet your requirements.