TradeWise experts to your inbox

From TradeWise experts to your inbox. Option trading advice you can actually use.

The TradeWise advisory service applies your choice of policy to make option trade suggessions. TradeWise sends those recommendations to your inbox. You make the trade, or if you are a skilled USB client, you can choose to have United Stock Brokers do it for you automatically through the Autotrade service. It’s easy— and TradeWise provides knowledgeable trade advice paired with valuable option education.



TradeWise Advisors, Inc., an affiliate of USB, provides options trade recommendations, backed by logical insights, that are designed to meet specific risk-defined tactics. Paid subscriptions include:

  • Emailed opening, adjusting, and closing recommendations
  • An inside look at the step-by-step analytical methods that many veteran floor traders apply when making trade recommendations
  • Access to TradeWise strategies archive
  • Tutorials explaining each of the TradeWise trading strategies
  • Access to daily market news, upcoming earnings and industry events via Market Blog

TradeWise tactics are not intended for use in IRAs, may not be suitable or suitable for IRA clients, and should not be relied upon in making the decision to buy or sell a security, or follow a specific investment strategy in an IRA. .

Two free strategies for two months*


Autotrade is a service provided by United Stock Brokers that automatically enters trade recommendations you receive from TradeWise and other third-party newsletter providers into your USB account. Autotrade is accessible at no additional fee. There are subscription fees for the third-party newsletters and all trades initiated via Autotrade are subject to your single commission rates and fees as a USB client. TradeWise and third-party newsletter recommendations cannot be executed in IRAs through the Autotrade service.


  • Suitability – You don’t have to take the time to enter a trade when your newsletter provider makes a trade recommendation. Trades are automatically entered for you.
  • Control – You determine your allocations on a per trade basis. And you can terminate Autotrade on any time.
  • Simplicity – Set-up is simple. First, you will need to upgrade your account in order to access the Autotrade service**.

What are the risks?

As with all trading, there are chances of risks, including risk of investment loss, to making trades via Autotrade depending on the type of trading you are doing. United Stock Brokers does not testify to the risk, exactness, completeness or fitness of any third-party provider’s recommendations. You should read all deals, terms and conditions carefully and contact each provider to determine the individual risks.

Get started

1. Open an account to get access to the Autotrade service**.
2. Login to your account, go to the Trade tab, and select the Autotrade page.
3. Select the “Upgrade now” button to read and agree to the upgrade agreement for Autotrade.