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Thinkorswim web Essential trading tools within an online platform.

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Thinkorswim is thought to be among the most powerful platforms that traders created. Our innovative Thinkorswim Desktop, Web, and Mobile experiences ensure that you’ll have access to the tools and products you require when the opportunity arises, regardless of what method you prefer to trade.

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Thinkorswim Desktop

It’s a platform that launched the whole thing. Our fully-optimized software grants access to the most powerful trading tools that allow you to try out your strategy, come up with new ideas, and carry out even the most complicated trades!

Thinkorswim Web

The most recent addition to the suite of thinkorswim is a web-based application that offers an easy trading experience. It’s ideal for those who wish to trade in equity and spin-off as they access crucial tools via their normal web browser.

Thinkorswim Mobile

A one-stop trading application that combines the features and capabilities of the thinkorswim desktop beneath you! Explore market trends and trade quickly and easily using a platform designed for tablets and phones.

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