Portfolio management solutions designed for today's investors

The method of investing has changed. That’s why we provide a range of portfolios managed by us to help you achieve those financial targets. In addition to the automated investment we offer managing your Portfolio with a personal touch, United Stock Brokers Investment Management, LLC experts can recommend the right Portfolio for your financial objectives.

Selective Portfolios

A greater variety of portfolios geared towards goals comprised of ETFs and mutual funds with different investment goals and risks, which are constantly monitored and rebalanced.

Personalized Portfolios

The most professional quality of service, with personalized advice and portfolio design, considers your financial picture.

Essential Portfolios

It is an automated, low-cost, low-minimum investment option offering five objective-oriented ETF portfolios.

Determine the level of participation best for you.

A managed portfolio is a way to get the assistance you require to reach those financial targets. Answer a set of concerns then USB Investment Management, LLC will suggest a portfolio that will meet your requirements.

Find solutions that align with your objectives, even if they change or grow.


Your portfolio options can be enriched by


Automatic portfolio adjustment and the rebalancing


Products and guidance that are tailored to your specific needs


Keep track of your Portfolio at anytime, anywhere.


Simple price-based, fee-based pricing

Our Financial Advisors pay attention to your needs and needs to United Stock Brokers Investment Management. Which manages portfolios, and the experts in Morningstar Investment Management, who recommend the funds you’re using – there’s a team striving to assist you in pursuing your goals.

We can discuss your goals. Set up a goal-setting meeting.