Investment Philosophy

The 3 Ds of United Stock Brokers Investment Management, LLC investment strategy

Since the financial markets and our lives are constantly changing, United Securities Brokers Investment Management is committed to using an organized approach to manage diversifying portfolios dependent on timeframes and the capacity to handle market volatility.


Begin investing early. Determine your time frame prioritizing your objectives. Quantify your assets and identify what you have available to meet your goals. Measure your tolerance to risk against your timeframe


Divide your investments into equity as well as fixed income and cash. Diversify between asset classes. Avoid exposures that are concentrated, which could increase your risk. Think about client-specific options or wealth management that address particular financial requirements


Make long-term decisions. Make investment decisions based on the process, not emotion. Be aware of tax implications and costs. Recheck and adjust your Portfolio regularly.

What are the 3Ds of investment applied to the United Stock Brokers Investment Management's portfolios managed by the company.