Fixed-income investments can help address your income needs

Whether you want to mitigate market volatility, preserve your investment, generate income from your portfolio, or all three, we offer a wide range of fixed-income investments that can address your needs. And find tools, resources and dedicated Fixed Income Specialists who can help you define and refine your strategy.

Discover the potential advantages of fixed-income investing

Fixed-income investments may be right for you if you want to experience these benefits as part of a diversified portfolio. 

  • Preserve wealth – while fixed-income prices may fluctuate, you can rely on receiving the full-face amount when your investment matures, subject to credit risk 
  • Diversify your portfolio – diversifying your investments across asset classes may result in less risk exposure for your overall portfolio
  • Generate income – fixed-income investments may provide a steady stream of monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual income to help supplement your income or help fund your retirement
  • Manage interest rate risk – creating a ladder through staggered maturities can potentially help you manage interest rate risk in both rising and falling environments and experience less exposure to interest rate volatility

Reasons to choose USB for fixed-income investing

We provide tools, research, and support to help take the guesswork out of bond and fixed-income investing.

  • Select from a wide range of investments over 40,000 offerings from over 100 dealers, 3,000+ bond mutual funds, and over 400 bond ETFs300+ which are commission free
  • Utilize helpful tools like ready-made bond ladders, or create your own with Bond WizardTM. You can even set bond alerts to help you stay updated on new issue offerings as well as rating and status changes for corporate and municipal bonds
  • Get help with investment strategy and fixed-income needs with a personalized portfolio review from a Fixed Income Specialist 
  • Take advantage of competitive pricing on most every fixed-income product in the marketplace, which includes $1 per bond transaction fee on secondary bond trades when trading through the online platform

Dedicated Fixed Income Specialists

Define your fixed-income strategy with the one-to-one guidance of TD Ameritrade Fixed Income Specialists. Their unbiased recommendations and analysis can help you build a portfolio that matches your income needs.


To speak with a Fixed Income Specialist, call +13478348283.