Learn everything you require about the futures market right here

Futures trading lets you expand your portfolio and open a new market. Qualified investors can trade more than 70 different futures products almost 24 7 every day of the week via USB Futures and Forex, LLC. You can access robust platforms, technical research engaging education, stunning support for futures trading, and Paper Money(r) to test your trading strategy free of cost. If you’re new to the world of futures or an experienced trader, we have the tools and resources you require to feel confident in trading futures.

Introducing Micro E-mini Index Futures

Micro-Emini Index Futures are now accessible. They offer lower entry costs with fewer margin requirements and portfolio diversification benefits with more flexibility. They are considered to be one of the most liquid index options. The market Micro E-mini Index Futures that they are not suitable for everyone and come with similar risks to traditional E-mini contracts!

Five reasons to make futures trades through United Stock Brokers

1. Comprehensive education

Explore videos, articles, webcasts, and live gatherings on various topics in the future to help you become a better trader.

2. Excellent service

Our specialists in futures have more than 100 years of trading expertise. They can assist you with anything from getting you familiar with using our platform to assisting you in making your first trade.

3. Innovative platforms

Our leading-edge online trading platforms will provide a seamless trading experience in the future, allowing you to control your trades more efficiently.

4. No hidden fees

Straightforward, honest pricing without any hidden costs or complex pricing structures.

5. Access to a wide range of products

Qualified investors can utilize the option of futures in an IRA account and options on futures from an account with a brokerage.

Your futures trading questions are answered.

Futures trading does not have to be complex. Our experts in futures are available all hours of the day to address your most pressing questions by calling +13478348283.

Integrated platforms to boost your futures trading

With our top trading platform, thinkorswim Desktop, and its mobile counterpart, the mobile thinkorswim you can do trade future. The app allows you to trade futures wherever and whenever you want and seamlessly integrate your devices.