Maximize your buying power by margin trading

Margin trading offers you more than twice the buying power of a conventional cash account. You can use it to meet your investment and personal requirements. Margin loans are quick to apply for, and the money is available immediately without the hassles of documents. With our experienced support staff and extensive education offerings, you can profit from opportunities in the market when and when they occur

Four reasons to select United Stock Brokers for margin trading

Access to a wide range of products

Margin trading is accessible on every platform we offer, and qualified clients can trade funds that have not been settled on margin IRAs.

Comprehensive education

Explore the free, flexible education to gain more knowledge about margin trading. Get access to videos, articles, and an immersive course.

24/7 support

Our trade desk experts can help with any questions about margins by calling +13478348283.

Straightforward pricing

Know what you're paying for by using simple pricing and no hidden charges

The advantages of a Margin trading account

Utilize assets to increase the power of your purchases

You can access funds without liquidating your assets

Enhance your ability to short-sell and make money from declines in stock prices.

Expand your portfolio, and expose yourself to markets

Increase your ability to short sell and profit from stock declines

Qualified traders can trade futures and options in margin IRAs. They can also trade their funds right away when they end their position.

The dangers of margin trading

Knowing the risks involved with margin trading before you start is crucial.

  • Potentially higher loss risk from higher leverage
  • Additional costs as a result of interest margin charges
  • Potential margin calls or liquidation of securities

Important information regarding call margins: A company can force you to sell securities or other assets on the account(s). The firm may also offer to sell your assets, including securities, without notifying you. You do not have the right to a time extension if you are on the margin call.

How does margin trading work?

Margin trading lets you take out a loan to buy securities you can purchase on margin. When combined with properly managing your money and risk using margin trading, it can put you in a much better position to make the most of investment opportunities and market strategies.

Starting with margin trading

Margin trading lets you use the money you borrow to purchase marginal securities. When combined with proper control of risk and money, Margin trading can put you in a much better position to benefit from investment opportunities and market strategies.