Two apps to capitalize on opportunities everywhere

You can trade anywhere and effortlessly by using two apps on your mobile devices. It is your choice to decide which app you prefer is best for you based on your preferences.

There is no commission (0%) on stock online,

ETF, options, and ETF trades

U.S. exchange-listed ETFs, stocks, and options. $0.65 per option contract

USB Mobile App

Keep track of your investments using this simple and simple application

  • Trade stocks, ETFs, and other options with simple, intuitive, and efficient order entry, as well as editing
  • Explore the charts that are incorporated with indicators, create price alerts, view watch lists, and receive live quotes
  • Get market news, read reports from third-party analysts, and access research from third-party sources

thinkorswim Mobile App

The strength of our most technologically advanced trading platform is at the fingertips of your hand.

  • Access to multi-leg options, stocks forex, futures, and 24/5 trading
  • Create multi-touch charts that can be customized using hundreds of indicators for technical purposes and illustrations
  • Screen sharing and live text with trade experts to get help on-the-spot

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The tools we offer for Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Amazon Alexa, and Apple devices allow you to monitor the market. Control your investment portfolios, access quotes from stocks, speak with your agent, and much more using the same platforms you use daily.